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What if you could leverage one of the most powerful tools on the Internet to work for you? What if you had access to nearly a billion people each and every day? What if you knew exactly what it took to skyrocket your social media accounts to far beyond the limits you’ve previously imagined? How far could you take social media and how fast can you grow your accounts? Well, that’s exactly what IGAutomator does.

IGAutomator is a promotional service for the photo sharing site Instagram. Instagram can be an extremely valuable tool for business as well as a way to socially interact with large audiences. The thing that makes Instagram unique among other forms of social media is that sharing photos of products and services can often spark interaction among followers. This can be demonstrated through businesses like baking shops and homemade products. Not only will posting images of those items on Instagram create social interaction – they will also drive sales.

But in order for that to happen, you first need to have enough followers. They can be difficult to get followers on a business account, especially since Instagram – and Facebook, the company behind it – have specific rules that prohibit certain ways of getting followers. Most of the services and software products out there use some form of those prohibited methods to drive followers to your account. What you need is to be able to commit a great deal of time to your Instagram account in order to grow it naturally and organically which is exactly what the company wants.

Of course, when you own a business, it can be extremely challenging to find the time to grow your social media accounts. Even if you only had one to worry about, it still would require an hour or two a day. Most businesses have several social media accounts to manage, and without the budget to hire someone specifically to manage those accounts growth is going to be slow.

Luckily, there are new tools being introduced all the time, and one of the most exciting new tools is IGAutomator. IGAutomator is an automated management tool for Instagram. The software does nearly everything that someone you hire to manage your social media profiles would do including creating posts, liking other posts, direct messaging and commenting in order to spark interaction between your account and those that follow you.

What’s more, IGAutomator can post to and maange multiple Instagram accounts at once. That means that you few have several different Instagram accounts for various aspects of your business, you can set them up to be managed by the service with the same customization and branding that you have been doing. Many businesses can see the need for several Instagram accounts, but often choose to have only one because they simply don’t have time to manage more than that.

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